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Overgrowth is a 3D action video game created and developed by Wolfire Games, an independent video game development company founded by David Rosen. Announced on September 17, 2008, the game is suited for all three major computer platforms, which are Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. The game was actually designed by David Rosen himself, who is known in the Max game development community for having placed well in the game development contest uDevGames three years in a row.


The video game plays as a 3D third-person action game. It is is set in a pre-industrial world of anthroporphic fighter rabbits, wolves, cats, rats and dogs. Built on the gameplay of its predecessor Lugaru, Overgrowth picks up where Lugaru left off, with the world in a state of de facto anarchy. After killing the corrupted king, Turner – the main character, refused to take his places, choosing instead to leave the monarchy headless and wanter the island and the savage world of Lugaru in search of a new purposes. In this world, rabbits, wolves, cats and other animals are forced to use paws, claws and medieval weaponry to engage each other in battle.

Regarding its features, fans will be pleased to know that Overgrowth is based on a new game engine called the ‘Phoenix Engine’, which includes a number of useful features such as an animation handler in which animation can be smoothly blended between. It also includes a scripting system using AngelScript that it tied into the game engine allowing for a lot of control over various engine features, as well as an ambient sound system. The game is shipped with a fully featured level editor and the developers want to make sure that the tools needed to mod the game are not too costly or preferably free. The game’s fighting system is based around context-sensitive attacks, reversals, high mobility and reliance on environment. The game also has a Sandbox mode with a level editor, animation editor and more.

The sequel to Wolfire Games’ Lygaru is a Beat’em Up with strong platforming and Parkour elements. Just like its predecessor, the game follows the adventure of Turner, the wandering warrior, but also features multiplayer, vastly improved graphics and physics, a wider range of weapons and combat moves, and new races.


Since November 25, 2008, the development company has released an Alpha almost every week, containing all the features so far implemented in the game. These features are available to everyone who has pre-ordered the game. You can see one of the demonstration videos below.

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